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About project

Founded in 2019, Bleautech is a Design and Development Agency. They design and develop products ranging from Softwares, branding Product Design, Mobile application development, risk management, counter-party relationships, and investor relations. Like any resource, the integrity and purity of software is defined by how it’s designed and developed, how and why it’s filtered, who can access it, and how it’s interpreted. Software is only potential until you find a way to refine it. For more information about Bleautech, please visit bleautech.org.

The Challenge

Bleautech had many projects that needed redesign and a few websites they needed developed. They also wanted to release a new SAAS product using their existing analytical data. For this case study I will be only focusing on one projects, the company's main website for redesign and development, new business cards, and a new SAAS product UI design for both desktop and mobile, and finally our Bloomberg company store site that I designed and developed.

Website Redesign and Development

Some of the features and changes that we wanted to change to the website was:

  • Overall design, colors, and typography, including a heavy-weight font
  • Light Sleek look that matches new branding guidelines
  • Responsive design for mobile / tablet
  • Custom animation and illustrations on all pages
  • Complete Informational Architecture overall
  • Social Media Integration with Instagram

Process Overview

Prior to project kickoff, I always meet with other stakeholders and discuss the overall goal of the project. At Bleautech the main internal stakeholders are Product Managers (The CTO), Product Designers, and possibly another developer or a designer. As a team, we work together and create personas and target audience for each project, expected launch date, and deliverable and documentation requirements.
Once I finished the UI designs and confirmed that it was what the company needed, I began to work on creating the webpages using React. At first, we tried working on WordPress but WP is clunky and it was not easy to update the PHP files. Our CTO and myself decided that it would be best for me to work off a preexisting Reat-Gatsby template and hand code any changes. The website is still being updated with multiple pages however from design to second launch of the site lasted from April 2020 to August 2020.
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